Our Mission:

To promote inclusion and diversity in the sciences.



Undergraduate Student Researchers

Students participated in summer research projects as well as independent research during the academic year. Read more about their research experiences on our blog page.



Students engaged in Lab courses with Professor Smyth in 2018-19

Students in the Microbiome of Urban Spaces and Microbial Ecologies courses participated in lab training and modules in the 2018-19 school year.



Posters presented in 2018-19

Student researchers Marcus Banks, Natalie Vegas, Janelly Eralte and the Urban Barcode Project students presented at conferences this past academic year.

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The Interdisciplinary Science Program aims to democratize science using a planetary health framework, addressing health, environment, and equity. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of scientific and quantitative thinking in addressing contemporary challenges that include access to clean water, climate change, biodiversity, responsible use of emerging technologies, and policies shaped by mathematical models of social phenomena. Courses are listed below:


  • Microbiome of Urban Spaces

  • QRII: Research & Visualization

  • Math Models in Nature


  • Imagine Science Films

  • Biology, Art and Social Justice

Planetary & Public Health

  • Energy & Sustainability

  • Urban Environmental Health

  • Chemistry of the Environment

  • Microbial Ecologies

Social Justice

  • Genes, Environment & Behavior

  • Biodiversity Achieved