Students wishing to get involved in my research can contact me by email. I am happy to support and mentor you and help you to apply for funding. There are several areas of research in the lab and I welcome new ideas and directions from students.

Wet lab Research

  1. Staphylococcal Genomics and Adaptation – I am currently working on the genomics of the Staphylococci to reveal aspects of how they adapt to a variety of different hosts and environments. We’re particularly interested in the microbiology of the built environment and the types of Staphylococci found therein.
  2. Role of mobile DNA in Staphylococcal evolution – I study mobile DNA such as pathogenicity islands and ICE elements and their contribution to the evolution of the bacteria.
  3. Metagenomics of Environmental Bacteria – I am currently involved in several metagenomics projects with undergraduate researchers, looking at the microbiome of our campus. This work is conducted as part of a classroom-based undergraduate research experience.

Pedagogical research

  1. Civic and scientific literacy in STEM – I’m engaged in research to determine ways to improve student literacy and engagement with civic issues. I also research the impact of peer-led learning in the classroom and lab on student engagement with STEM.
  2. Incorporating Authentic Research into the Microbiology Curriculum – My goal is to incorporate genomics into the microbiology teaching lab class and to student source my research.

Sustainable Science

  1. Our newest project involves looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the lab and to reduce/reuse/repurpose and recycle in the teaching and research labs.